Camping Sites on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

This is the first in a series of tracks and waypoints I will be posting. Some of the data was downloaded, as these waypoints were, while others were digitised from maps. However, most of the tracks are taken directly from my GPS, after I've gone out and had some fun.

These waypoints were in an Arcview E00 export file I downloaded from a government FTP server and converted. I cannot vouch for the original source, their accuracy, or their currency. Honestly, as a compilation, they are probably quite old. Also, accuracy is probably not consistent between sites. Judging from Google Earth, some look like good places to camp while others are obviously a ways off the intended mark. Lake campsites that are 500m into the bush, for example. Still, they make for a good starting point for exploration.

They are available for download in both Google Earth and Ozi Explorer formats.

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