Points of Note: Afghanistan, Kandahar Province, Panjwayi District

Here's a Google Earth file that highlights a few places of note in Afghanistan, Kandahar province, Panjwayi district. Basically, I've taken THIS map and georeferenced it in Ozi Explorer. From there, I marked a few waypoints of interest and converted them to Google Earth format. Because the source is a PDF file and, probably, the projection is off, some points don't exactly line up with the satellite images, but it's close enough to at least get an idea of where things are going on. The PDF map has a lot of names on it, and it's searchable, but it appears that various people can't decide on how the western spelling of Afghan names should go. So, it can be frustrating to figure out exactly where people are talking about.

When new place names come up in the news, and if I have time, I'll update the Google Earth file. Note: the file does have a bunch of numbered points. These are just road intersections that I marked as they show roughly how far the map is off in an given area. They don't mean anything else.

You can download the Google Earth KML file HERE

Place of note:

HAWZ-E MAD - Hawz-e Madad, the village where Canadian forces have been conducting Operation Baaz Tsuka. The area south of this is where the Taliban were reported to be holed up. While the village itself is pretty low-res in Google Earth, the area south of that is very detailed.

Other interesting PDF maps of Afghanistan are here:





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Anonymous said...

Any Oziexplorer maps of Afghanistan anyone?


Dave said...

Why don't you just geo-reference the image yourself. Download the linked PDF(s), use GIMP (Open-source picture editor - gimp.org) to convert said PDF to an image (yes, it can do that really easily - set your import resolution to 200% to get good text), and then save in whatever format you normally use for Ozi images. Better yet, dump Ozi and just import the image into Google Earth as an image overlay and Geo-reference right there.

Mapping is easy these days :)